Several venues are provided to support DP0 delegates and RSP users, as described below.

If you’re unsure which venue to use, make a new topic in the Rubin Community Forum’s Support category.

There is no wrong place to post questions or requests for assistance, so please don’t hestitate. Hearing about issues and receiving feedback from delegates is important to Rubin Observatory staff.

Scientific support via the Community Forum

The Data Preview 0 Community Forum category is the best place to ask questions about or report issues with the DP0 data sets, the LSST Science Pipelines, and the Rubin Science Platform’s tools and services. This subcategory is monitored by the Rubin Observatory Community Science team (CST).

Instructions: Ask a question in the Forum, and mark the solution when the issue is resolved. Confidential support is available if needed.

Minor or ambiguous RSP service and access issues

Please feel free to post even small questions as new topics in the “Support - RSP Service Issues” subcategory of the Community Forum.

This subcategory provides a place to determine if others are experiencing the same technical issue (e.g., “is this local or general network outage?”, “my query is taking a long time, is this a real problem or did I do it wrong?”), and to crowd-source solutions to technical issues from each other when possible.

Technical assistance via GitHub issues

Bug reports, persistent technical issues, and requests for new features or for global installations of commonly used software packages can be submitted as GitHub issues in the rubin-dp0 GitHub Organization’s Support repository.

Instructions: In the horizontal menu bar at the top of that page, click on the “Issues” option (with the circled dot icon), then choose the green “New Issue” button at right. Next to either “Bug report” or “Feature request” choose “Get started” (as appropriate for your case), and fill in the title and contents of your issue. In the right side-menu, do adjust the labels as appropriate, but leave the other options. Click “Submit new issue” when you’re ready. These issues will be addressed by Rubin Observatory staff.

Live support during virtual seminars

Bring your questions to the Rubin Science Assemblies. The “drop-in” type assemblies will have more time for Q&A than assemblies with a tutorial or presentation, but Rubin Observatory staff members will always be in attendance and able to assist you.